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Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming a Learning Center affiliate.

How long do the cookies last?

Our cookies last for 30 days. This means that you get credit for any referred customer who returns to our site within 30 days, even if they do so directly.

Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Affiliate Program.

On what products do I earn a commission?

We are currently offering a commission on our Pediatric Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals course. There are no limits on the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate.

How do you treat product returns and affiliate sales?

If a customer referred by your site returns or cancels an order for refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud, we will debit your affiliate account for any commission earned on that transaction.

Can I stop promoting your course at any time?

Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting our program at any time.

Can I learn more about the course before becoming and affiliate?

You can learn more about the specifics of the course content and format here. If you would like more detailed information or a preview of the course, feel free to reach out to us at hello@plantbasedjuniors.com

What our customers are saying. . .

"This course is a MUST for any clinician working with children or families with children. This in-depth evidence-based course will help you better understand the importance of why we should encourage children to consume more whole plant-foods, help children develop a better relationship with nutrition. . . plus so much more. I highly recommend this course and will be referencing the information often in my own practice."
Ashley Fitzgerald, MS, RDN, LDN
"An incredible resource to any physician who focuses on nutrition counseling in their practice- both pediatric and adult patients! Definitely worth the time and money. Strongly recommend." 
Dr. M. Schwiesow
"This course was so thorough and added to my base knowledge and also what I can share and use in my practice. The research is well done, concise and easily understood. This is a reference that will be useful for everyone and not just those interested in pediatric nutrition."
Angela Tam Stevenson MPH, RDN

Join today and earn commissions while sharing reliable, evidence-based information in pediatric nutrition with your audience.